The basis for success through fitness is based on three pillars:

strength – concentration – coordination

Sensomotoric DIMOVE gym machines strengthen these three components and realized new and unique forms of training with focus on effective bodyweight training. The special thing about our fitness equipment is its versatility. From competitive sports through fitness training to medical physiotherapy, our devices score in diversified fields.

Because the ingenious and patented rocker design of the DIMOVE WAVEpro and DIMOVE WAVEmed permanently stresses the musculature (consciously and unconsciously), there is a targeted build-up of the deep muscles. Every exercise takes place on balancing elements. This increases the effect of the stabilization program. And contributes to the motivation: The DIMOVE WAVEpro reacts so sensitively that no process is the same as another. So the training is always a new challenge.

Competitive Sports

The decisive difference

With a lead into the finish

Make yourself strong!


The route is the goal

and rehabilitation

Therapy feedback in real time



Change begins here and now

Self-weight training, more effective than ever

Make yourself strong!


One gym machine, endless possibilities

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