We introduce ourselves.

Dietzi Molzer
Dietzi MolzerCEO
Who invented it? Exactly: Dietzi. Because no training device could meet the demands of the former elite ice hockey player and kickboxing coach, he developed his own product. Nobody knows the advantages of our products as well as he does, which is why Dietzi is also responsible for sales.

Mobile: +43 (0) 699 13 13 4000
E-Mail: dietzi@dimove.at

Christoph Liebminger
Christoph LiebmingerMarketing & Sales
Chris is a professional personal trainer and an educated DIMOVE trainer. According to this, he can provide excellent information about the training on DIMOVE WAVEpro/WAVEmed, as well as about the company itself. He is your contact for PR, marketing and international sales.

Mobile: +43 (0) 664 42 46 167
E-Mail: chris@dimove.at