DIMOVE is a company based in Austria, which distributes training equipment for the field of sports and health care. The idea came from Dietmar Molzer, CEO of DIMOVE. Among all the professional training equipment Dietzi used for decades as a professional ice hockey player and kickboxing coach, there was not a single one on which a simultaneous combination training of strength, coordination and concentration was possible. Therefore, in cooperation with athletes and physiotherapists, the idea for the DIMOVE training equipment was developed.








Our passion is in every fiber of our products. From development to construction to enhancement. We are convinced that everyone who trains with DIMOVE products feels our commitment. That’s why we’ve set a goal to take personal fitness, performance-based sports and profitable physical therapy to the next level with our products.


Our demand on high quality makes our products unique. Fairness and honesty, basic competitive characteristics of sports apply to us also for economic competition. Our products are therefore developed and produced exclusively in Austria by the company KBG Kunststoffbearbeitungs Ges.m.b.H, because we set great value on fair working conditions, orderly production processes and controlled environmental conditions.




The device is shipped in a box.
Size of the box: approx. 180cm x 120cm x 60cm

We are pleased that you are interested in our devices. For an individual offer, please contact us at office@dimove.at.

Training on the DIMOVE WAVEpro/WAVEmed can be customized to meet your needs. You can find an overview of the most common exercises in the “Exercise Library” section. To ensure that the training has the desired effect, it should be carried out under the supervision of a trainer or physiotherapist at the beginning.

After ordering you will be given a delivery date. The delivery time varies and depends among other things on the country to which is shipped and the current stock. Normally you will receive the product a maximum of four to six weeks after receipt of payment. From experience we know that the average delivery time is three to four weeks.

For details regarding delivery, please feel free to contact us at office@dimove.at.

Our devices are delivered pre-assembled, so that everyone can make his device ready for training in just a few steps. No adjustment work is necessary. You only need to screw on the handrails and your training can start. If you want to disassemble the device, you only need the two supplied Allen keys.

Training with a DIMOVE device should be fun, but the movements are unfamiliar at first. Therefore, you should train with a trainer or physiotherapist at the beginning. To make sure you get a good start, you should follow a few important tips.

Five tips for optimal DIMOVE training:

  1. Train in a concentrated and attentive manner. This will improve your mental and physical fitness and prevent injuries. It is not the number of repetitions, but the quality of execution that is decisive for training success.
  2. Use the handrails at the beginning of each exercise to stabilize yourself. Only a safe and controlled execution of the exercise will bring you to your training goal.
  3. Make sure your feet and palms are centered on the treads and start each exercise from this basic position. Only when balance and body tension are established can the workout begin.
  4. Assume a stable posture: Look forward, joints stable, never overstretch!
  5. Avoid jerky movements and breathe calmly and evenly. Train with body tension and not with momentum.

Our equipment is designed to make training and success possible for everyone. Beginning and advanced athletes, professionals and competitive athletes, but also people undergoing rehabilitation can significantly enrich their training with DIMOVE equipment.

We recommend a level surface and at least 2.5m x 2.3m free space with a room height of at least 2m. After each training session you can remove the handrails within 2 minutes and the device can be leaned against the wall. When set up, it occupies a space of approx. 50 cm x 1.80 m.