Full concentration for successful physiotherapy

Now it is, our customers are our most important and most valuable critics. One who has been working with the DIMOVE WAVEpro for a very long time is Roman Pallesits. DIMOVE Managing Director Dietzi visited him. Check out his review for the practical test here.

Roman Pallesits is a certified physiotherapist from Vienna and known to a wide audience, among other things from various TV appearances and insulting social media content. In his practice physiotherapy pallesits in the second district of Vienna, he specializes in the support, rehabilitation and prevention of trauma, orthopedic and neurosurgical patients.

Decisive for the positive therapeutic success in physiotherapy is, in addition to a well-founded history, also a targeted and individual therapy with the method or the methods, which offers the best results by efficiently working for the individual indication. Because it involves measures to maintain function and / or restore the musculoskeletal system, the cooperation and motivation of the patient is an important part of the therapeutic success.

The therapy becomes more efficient when the fun factor leads to motivation and patients like to work with full force. The training on the DIMOVE WAVEpro is fun and unconsciously demands the full concentration of the patient.

Five advantages for successful physiotherapy

efficient therapy by 100 percent concentration
high training motivation
individual possibilities of coordination work
stepless level increase
metered use of force components

The DIMOVE WAVEpro is used in Pallesits practice for a variety of indications. “Because the device works so precisely, it reacts in the second, which is the high level of training that is required for the simplest to very complex movement sequences.” This makes it a useful extension for a variety of methods.

DIMOVE WAVEpro in use at

  1. Neurosurgical indications
  2. pain Management
  3. especially for unspecific and chronic back pain and low back pain
  4. for rehabilitation work in competitive sports and professional sports
  5. Preparation for orthopedic surgery (knee, hip)
  6. injury prevention


Her experience in the field of application of the DIMOVE WAVEpro in physiotherapy has already been shared here
Dr. Andreas Schlumberger, Team Leader Rehabilitation and Prevention at FC Bayern Munich and
Andreas Richter, Managing Director of Physiotherapy A & M Richter.

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